Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guess who is 1?!?!

Last year on April 11th, i became an aunt.  I had become a mother at a young age and my brother and sister became an aunt and uncle when they were 13 and 15.  Although i am not complaining, i had to wait 17 years to become an aunt and when she was born, oh my goodness- i know that Paul and Erika were happy but i was so proud.  I texted all of my co-workers, all of my friends, and pretty much everyone in my phone- including people i hadn't talked to in YEARS!  lol.

Isn't she beautiful?!?

A whole year went by- i wasn't able to spend a ton of time with her because of work, family, life, etc but i loved watching her grow.  And cherished all the times i was able to spend with her.
And now she is one.  How time flies!

Despite the fact that a birthday party for a one year old seems a little odd (i mean, will she even remember it??), Paul and Erika had a birthday party for Ava over the weekend.  Friends and family gathered for lunch and cake so that they could celebrate Ava's life.....and also celebrate the fact that Paul and Erika survived the past year.

Look at the beautiful cupcakes Erika made...... :)

And a collection of pictures.....

And the birthday girl!  So happy!!
 Here she is trying to walk....
 And of course Auntie Lara is there to help.  :)
 Three generations of beautiful women.

 My mom and Ava

Paul Ray III, Ava Ray, and Paul Ray Jr.
 Ava and her great aunt Patty- i have no idea why Ava is pouting.  Patty is the best!!
 Oh that is right- Ava wanted to be with her dad- she is such a daddy's girl!
 The family.
 And here is Ava and her egg-less cake.

 Oh- and this is what i got her for her birthday- there was a top 10 list of presents for 1 year olds and this was the #1 present.  I thought it looked cool.....
 And apparently Ava loves it!
 And the picture is blurry because she is bouncing so hard!  How cute!  I am so glad she loves it!!!

And here are some professional pictures taken for your enjoyment!  I just can't get over how cute she is!!

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