Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday things

Remember when taylor went to The Hunger Games midnight premiere?  Well, here she is with her friends all dressed up.......

 Girl on left- from Capital
Taylor- dead tribute
Girl on right- Peeta supporter

And to fuel our obsession with Spring Rolls, we took Neannie to Jasmine's Thai food on James Island for dinner last week....i think she likes them!  Now, we have become Spring Roll snobs- getting really amazing ones from Nguyen family at their pop-up dinners at Butcher and Bee once a month.  So these will have to do......

And can you believe it has been a year????
Ava will be one on April 11th!!!
And isn't she adorable!?!?!

Oh- and proof that i actually go out and don't have the lame life that you might think i lead- here i am with Erin (Heme/Onc fellow) at J Paulz for drinks.

And here again is our green
It needs some serious help.

So happy thursday.  Hope you guys are doing well.
Spring break next week- Taylor and Cali (taylor's best friend) and i are headed to Charlotte- for shopping, eating at Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar and going to the happiest place in South Carolina/North Carolina-
Will take lots of pictures!!!


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