Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First few days of vaca

Hell-o vacation.  I have nothing too exciting planned (besides going to Carowinds at the end of this week!!)
I have been cooking....
And yes, i made these delish enchiladas- yummy!!
Have i told you how much i love this chick's blog?!?  I get the best recipes from her!

And have i told you that i have fallen in love with Trader Joes?  Of course it is in Mt Pleasant (the other side of the world from JI) but lucky for me, Taylor has tutoring every sunday afternoon and i spend that hour going up and down the isles of TJ.
And my new obsession- Wasabi Roased Seaweed Snacks.  Kinda spicy.  Kinda seaweedy.  Kinda a great snack.

And then we had Easter.  I promise i will put up more pictures than just these two 4 legged children.
Here is Tiberius.  My big baby.

Here is Ellie- looking scared of the easter basket....i mean, come on.  Is it really going to bite you?

 And look what i found?!!?!?  Taylor's 1st easter picture.  She was 6 months old in this picture!
How cute!!

And since my vacation is perfectly timed with Taylor's spring break, we are drinking fruity drinks by the green swamp....er....pool. 
Here is Taylor's kiwi strawberry drink.  Beautiful.
My drink has a little less fruit and a little more alcohol (compared to the NONE she had).

I do have to say that this vacation has really been wonderful.  I am emotionally drained and while i am not feeling perfectly recharged, i am feeling better.  It might be all the sun i am basking in....have i mentioned that i love this weather and getting some sun.  Lovely!

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