Friday, May 18, 2012

Good morning. Or good night. I don't know...

It is 12:30 pm and i just woke up after sleeping for only 5 hours.  That means that i went to bed at 7:30 am.....which means i have been up all if you are following along, that means i am on NIGHT FLOAT!  I am a vampire (but don't sparkle) and eat breakfast when i wake up in the middle of the day and then snack the rest of the day because i can't figure out a real eating schedule.

Being on night float also means i have not been cooking.  And i have not been taking pictures of the puppies, my pool, any food i cook, etc.  So hmmm....what to blog about.

Grey's anatomy.  In all honesty, i couldn't wait for Grey's Anatomy finale last night.  It was the season finale and whoo hooo- i couldn't wait!  The finale from season 6 when the gunman was in the hospital was one of the most powerful episodes ever and it was promised that last nights episode was going to similar.
Warning- there are spoilers here so if you haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading. You can also watch the first 6 minutes here. 
Or the entire episode at
The anticipation of a death is an unsettling experience -- even if that death is of a character on television. We viewers went into last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Flight,” much like the family member of a cancer patient goes into the hospital for the last time: with complete and utter dread, knowing the end is near.  And a plane crash at the end of last weeks episode promised that the victim would be one of the six doctors on the flight: Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Mark, Arizona, or Lexie.  It was only about 20 minutes into the episode, then, it became clear the victim was Lexie, who had been crushed under part of the plane that crashed in the woods.  It was an intense death. I mean, how awful was it to watch one of Grey’s longest-running characters pass away so quickly -- and rather unceremoniously?  She told Mark that she loved him and he promised her that she wasn't going to die today and moments later, she took her last breath.
The rest of the episode, all 40 minutes of it, was less than entertaining- the remaining crash victims struggled to stay alive and from time to time, the show would cut to the rest of the physicians blissfully going on with life at Seattle Grace. Even Callie laying in lingerie waiting for her wife, Arizona.
Overall, i didn't love the episode.  It might have been due to the fact that i was sitting at work in the ICU break room watching the show (damn you night float).  It might have also been due to the fact that i kept on being distracted by my resident and from time to time the nurses who would come in to ask us questions.  Nevertheless, we have three months to dwell on the finale, mourn the loss of Lexie, and figure out what the hell is going to happen.

In other non-tv related news, i am super excited about the Vietnamese Pop-Up dinner at Butcher and Bee tonight.  Love love love the pho and spring rolls.  I even dreamed about them last night!!
Come check it out.  Taylor and i will be there devouring the spring rolls around 6:30.  And byob. :)

Well, this blog is completely random (sorry) and rather frustrating since i don't feel like i have much to talk about.  Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!  Night float starts up again on Sunday night- i have two days to clean my house!!

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