Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Lots of changes going on in the Hiott-Lambert-Dahl household. First off there was the new floors. Gone are the nasty, dirty, dog-hair filled carpets and now we have new hardwood floors

Here are Berry and Tiberius, my men relaxing together

Then new bedding.
I saw this on sale on ideeli.com (thanks again Karen for getting me addicted to that website when they had a Judith march sale) and knew I had to have it. But then I was too late- it was sold out! So the search was on!
Apparently it was a sold out item everywhere because it was last years design, so the only place I found it was ebay. I snagged a King size set for our bed and ahhhh…..new bedding. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the old. You just need something new.
Now if we can just paint our bedroom……

Then Taylor’s room got revamped curtsey of Debbie (aka mom, aka grandma).
New color-- goodbye leapfrog green, hello purple-- and new wallpaper. And a new bookshelf (from me).
And her room is clean (!) and straight (!).
Definitely now the room of a high schooler and not of a middle schooler.

Next on our list, the kitchen. The teeny, tiny kitchen with little counter space which drives me crazy….because I like to cook and don’t have any space!

These are pictures of our UGLY kitchen!

Demolition starts August 15th.

We will be getting new appliances, new counters, new cabinets, and tearing down a wall to make a little bar/eat-in area. I can’t wait!

Now- back to studying. 9 days til boards!

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