Friday, August 5, 2011

Rue La La. Ideeli. Zulily. Oh my!

It all started out so innocently.

Signing up for, a online shopping community with pretty decent deals. Then Karen told me about a Judith March sale at and i was hooked an another website. THEN there is which is a infant/child online shopping website. I didn't think i would ever buy anything there...especially since my infant/child is now 14...almost 15.

But i was wrong.

After babysitting for my niece Ava last night, i decided that i needed a sling. NOW. And even if Paul and Erika had one, i NEEDED one. Myself. I realized through the fact that Ava likes to be held ALL THE TIME- that i needed both hands free. One had to feed the dogs and one hand to hold my sweet tea mt dew.....errr....water.

So just my luck, had them on sale today. And i bought not one, but two.

A black one that is practical.

And a fun colored one!

YEA! I hate the fact that i bought them but i love it that i did!

And then Karen asked me if i was pregnant. Bahahahahaha. Nope. Not pregnant. Just trying to be proactive.


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