Monday, August 8, 2011

The story behind the picture

I was asked to baby-sit my niece Ava not once but twice last week- which is really exciting because she is such a cute kid and it makes me think that Paul and Erika actually trust me (as long as I wash my hands).

The first time, I was solo. It was me, the pups, and the 3 (almost 4) month old. Just hanging out for a few hours while Erika had a fun evening of bridal showering. Ava’s a good baby and I know she has scared her parents with the reflux issue, but she really is a “go with the flow happy baby.”

MY babies (Tiberius and Ellie) are not “go with the flow.” For Ellie, one thing that is abnormal gets her all freaked out and she becomes a nervous wreck. And for Tiberius, any new smell makes him go into sensory overload. So you can imagine what new smells he found with Ava!

The first night, it was really all about feeding/changing Ava and getting her to bed. Oh- and trying to keep Tiberius away from her because he was OBSESSED. All he wanted to do was smell her. And kiss her. And lick her toes. For example: I had brought Ava upstairs to change her and had laid her on my bed and had turned my attention away from her to set up her crib. That is when I heard her giggling and cooing. I turn back around and Tiberius had jumped up onto the bed and was giving her kisses! And she loved it!

The second night I had some more help. Taylor was home and so was B. We were able to tag team the whole night. Someone holds her while someone else makes the bottle, cooks dinner, etc. It is a bit easier with more than two hands available to help out.

Now- to get to the whole point of the blog today. The picture.

We had finished prepping dinner and put the pizza in the oven (spinach, ricotta, and oyster mushroom pizza). I had sat down to feed Ava and Taylor was straightening the kitchen. That is when the smoke detector went off- which is does often because it is so close to the oven. Well, that noise freaked Tiberius out and he climbed onto the couch and crawled over the back, up to me, as close as possible! He really is a big baby and is terrified by the noise the smoke detector makes! Which reminds me, the Friends episode where Phoebe’s smoke detector goes haywire is one of the funniest episodes ever. The best part is when it first starts beeping and wakes her up and as she is walking into the living room she goes “please don’t be a spaceship, please don’t be a spaceship.” LOL.

Watch it here:

Anyway. Thank goodness Taylor was able to grab the camera- this was something I never wanted to forget. Me with two big babies! What a fun day!

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