Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girl's weekend- FINALLY

Three weeks ago today my friend Kelly and I had left our homes in Charleston and drove to Asheville via Charlotte for girl’s weekend. We were going to Charlotte first to pick up Jen and Karen and then the four of us would head to Asheville for a weekend full of shopping, wine, “girl talk” and maybe a spa treatment or two.

I have been meaning to write about this sooner because it was a much needed vacation and it allowed me to see three very dear friends who I don’t get to see hardly at all. However, something I have fondly started calling “stupid boards” has gotten in the way of my blogging ability.

Now, “girls’ weekend” hasn’t been a tradition for very long. Not like the weekend my dad spends each August with his buddies from high school up at Flat Top Lake, West Virginia. That is a weekend of eating, sports, and boating. They have been doing it for >20 years. Hopefully our weekends will be legendary like his. Anywhoo, when the four of us girls lived in Charleston, we were able to see each other a lot and didn’t have to plan plane rides and hotel accomidations for us to hang out. That has changed as people have finished schools and have gotten jobs. Karen moved to Boston in June 08 with her husband Amol (both Duke grads like me) and Jen moved to Detroit in June 2010 with her husband Glenn. Not to point fingers, but because of these two ladies leaving the lovely city of Charleston, we now have to plan weekends to meet up.

Our first one was in January 2011. Karen flew down to Hilton Head, South Carolina where I picked her up. Kelly joined us the next day and Jen wasn’t able to make it. It was a fun weekend full of massages from men, wine tasting, and failed attempt at finding an “adult store” so we had to resort to a computer to buy things….kinda sketchy.

Fast forward 6 months and July was the month of another girl’s weekend. And when it came around this time, I really needed it! I needed a break from work. I needed a break from studying. I needed my girls!!! And this time all four of us could make it (thank goodness). Karen and Jen flew in to Charlotte and Kelly and I were there to pick them up.

That morning/afternoon we drove through the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, hitting two wineries.

Owl’s Eye

And Baker's Buffalo Creek

After tastings and purchasing some of the wines, we high tailed it to Asheville, making it to our downtown loft by 3 pm. And yes, I did say downtown loft. Little did we know, there were quite a few things going on in Asheville that weekend, including a crafts fair and a south eastern pediatric meeting. Because of this, hotels were limited. AND since I wanted something close to downtown so we didn’t have to drive a ton, I started looking on VRBO for places. I luckily found a loft in the heart of downtown, with two large beds, a kitchen, large bathroom, and overall, it looked perfect. And the price was perfect, so all in all, it was a great deal.

After we got settled, we went shopping, Karen bought approximately 10 dresses and found a dog she liked, and then we had a sushi dinner. It wasn’t a crazy evening. I think we were all exhausted from the traveling of the day.

Saturday morning we ate a delish breakfast at Early Girl restaurant and then did some more shopping around town. Then got our toes done and did more shopping in the Biltmore area. And had more snacks/wine. And then did more shopping. (Notice a theme??) We also drove to Grove Park Inn and checked in out. Didn’t have spa time (long story) but the Grove Park Inn is beautiful.

That evening we had our “fun dinner. We went to Zambra (, a tapas and wine bar, which was AMAZING. Unfortunately it was crowded and our server forgot about Kelly’s dinner and I didn’t like the sangria (too spicy). But the food was AMAZING so that made up for it. I do have to say, that even though I have never been a waitress, I am VERY particular about service and expect a lot…..and I was not too pleased with our server. He ruined my evening.

Afterwards, I was exhausted and headed back to our loft. Kelly, Jen and Karen went to some dancing street thing….and then came back. I made them watch “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy, which freaked me out (and I think Karen and Kelly too) and off to bed.

Sunday began early with all of us having to pack up. Have you ever had 4 girls shower, get dressed, and pack after a weekend of shopping? It isn’t pretty. But somehow we got our stuff together and went downtown to take a peak at the Craft Fair that was going on (aka Heaven for Kelly). Next we had brunch at Tupelo Honey ( with Karen’s inlaws. It wasn’t Karen’s hell but I did think there was going to be a fight over who was going to pick up the check! LOL.

After brunch and a quick stop at Chocolate Fetish (, it was off to the Charlotte Airport L We had only been there three days before. Seemed like the weekend flew by and now we had to say goodbye. Karen and Jen departed from the car- yes, I think there were some tears- and Kelly and I were off -back to Charleston.

I do have to say, seeing the Cooper River Bridge in the distance was a warm welcome back after an amazing weekend.

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