Saturday, August 27, 2011

Progress people- we have counter tops!

The estimate of a 2 week renovation is gone- haha- i was stupid to believe my beautiful kitchen would be done in 2 weeks (10 actual working days).

I should have realized it would be about double that. My mom told me to double their estimate of when it would be done. I had friends have MONTHS of work done on their kitchen. And of course there were the days last week when nothing was being done in the kitchen...... I would wonder "why aren't they here working?" And now i know- the 2 week estimate was just a myth. The truth is that it will be at least another week.....or two.

But we do have progress- yes, and that is a good thing. We have counter tops. Beautiful granite counter tops. And don't be fooled when i say granite- we went with the least expensive kind!

But here they are!

There is still A LOT of work to be done. But the counter tops are in- which means the sink is in, which means i can wash dishes in the sink now.....instead of my bathtub! LOL!

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