Thursday, July 28, 2011

Restaurant Regulars

In an unsuspecting building at the edge of a high school, there is a new restaurant on James Island called Lemon Grove Grill. I pass it almost on a daily basis, wondering how long it will last. There was a coffee house there before. And before that, a small convenience store.

Eager to check it out, B and I went there for dinner this week. The place was empty (bad sign) but the waitress friendly and chipper. We ordered a glass of wine and was given bread with dipping oil to munch on before we got our meals. As we glanced over the menu, B commented on the beer prices- they were good! And I commented on the appetizers- Caprese Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms, Roasted Artichoke, Trio of Dips. They all looked good! The main courses were a bit sparse (6 to choose from with one special, not on the menu) but the waitress assured us that they were changing up the menu and more were going to be added.
We ordered an appetizer and two main courses.

Caprese Salad for app.
Then Steak for B and i had the stuffed mushroom app and a side of angle hair pasta.
All three were perfect.

Each had great seasoning, were cooked to perfection, and were of good size (not too little, not too big). We even had room for dessert, which B claimed was the "most light and fluffy cheesecake" he had ever had.

All in all, this meal was excellent. It pains me that business wasn't booming. A total of 3 couples were there that night (including us). Lemon Grove Grill needs to advertise more and get the word out that they are open and have great food. I will be the first to say- AMAZING! I will be back! B and i want to be regulars so that when we walk in the owner and waitresses will say "hey guys, do you want your regular table?"


Go visit them.
1014 Fort Johnson Road (next to James Island High School)

Or check their website:

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