Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love my floors, I love my floors, I love my floors....i want to f**** them!

Ok, so if you didn't get the title reference, it is from the show "Ice loves Coco" on E! Great show BTW. Such an interesting couple!
Anywhoo..... Coco is making a rap song and instead of floors, she says shoes! "I love my shoes. I love my shoes. I love my shoes. I want to f*** them!" Now, that is my kind of girl!
But i do have to say, right at this moment, i like saying "floors" in my title because IT IS SO TRUE!

A few months ago B decided that we needed to get of the nasty, old, dirty carpet in our living room/family room. It is a high traffic area, the carpet was old, and honestly the dogs had just ruined it over the past three years. So we bought interlocking wood from Lowe's and the plan was that B was going to install it over the summer. He had never done a job like that before but i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him that he could get it done and make it look good.

Fast forward to a week ago and the summer was quickly ending. I am still studying for boards and Taylor is about to get home and will start school August 16th (did i mention high school?? ahhhhh!!!). It seems like the summer was quickly coming to a close and the floors weren't done. After talking it over, and calculating cost, materials needed (did B really need a $200 saw to cut wood?), and time it would take, B and i decided to hire someone to put them in.


In 2 days, our carpet was cut up and disposed of, the white tile floor cleaned (gross tile floor), and the hardwood floors laid down. It is beautiful. It smells good. And makes the room feel really open and airy! The pups have a love/hate relationship with it because while it is cool, it also has very little traction and they slide everywhere. It is hysterical to see them try to get from one point to another quickly.

Here are somepics from our floor adventure. Enjoy!

1st pieces laid down.....

I told you the carpet, white tile was GROSS!!!

The pups ejoying the completed floor!

This is the room once it was done....not set up yet (and we are still unpacking all our boxed up items) but the floor is DONE!

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