Monday, July 18, 2011

ABC Family has broken my heart

In 2000, the WB (now the CW) started airing the Gilmore Girls, a drama centering around the relationship between a thirty-something single mother (Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham) and her teen daughter (Rory, played by Alexis Bledel) living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I remember my friends at Duke gathering around the tv weekly for Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls but I never watched GG. “Why should I? I don’t need to see a tv show about MY LIFE,” I would always say to those who asked me why I didn’t watch. When the final episode aired in 2007, I prided myself on never seeing an episode of the show that mimicked my life.

Four years ago, after coming home from work one day, I turned on the tv for mindless entertainment. It was needed after my long days at the hospital, dealing with whatever I had to deal with that day. I use to enjoy Friends re-runs but TBS became sporadic on when they showed it. I ended up finding the Gilmore Girls on ABC family from 5-6 pm and after watching one episode, I was hooked. Each day, for the next four years, I would try to race home by 5 pm so I could watch the show. It wasn’t always do-able, especially when I was in the ICU, but I made it home for the show when I could. Enjoying my sweet tea vodka and rice cakes, the hour gave me a respite during my crazy day. Taylor and I watched it at first but then she thought it was “lame.” And B watched it too….just to spend time with me….which was sweet…until he would start talking back to the characters telling them that they were annoying, whiny, etc.

I am now so in love with the show that I have seen each episode at least 5 times. I love Lorelai and Luke’s relationship. I despise Dean and love Jess for Rory. I compare my parents to Lorelai’s parents. And I wish I had a best friend like Suki. I would curse ABC family when they showed Harry Potter movies instead of Gilmore Girls. Or when they would do marathons of their new shows to gain audience members instead of showing Gilmore Girls. B started calling me and Taylor “Lorelai and Rory.” I would use “Gilmore Girl”-isms in daily conversations. And for my 30th birthday, B gave me the complete tv series. It was the best 30th birthday present ever! And I do plan on watching it-- when I am on pregnancy bed-rest. And no, I am not pregnant, that is just my future plan. :)

Unfortunately my heart is broken because as of today, ABC family is not showing Gilmore Girls. They have taken my beloved show off the air and have replaced it with Secret Life of an American Teenager. Yet another show similar to my life- but minus the witty banter between mother and daughter, and amusing characters that defined their small town life. I won’t watch it. I WILL NOT watch it. 5 pm will never be the same.

And ABC Family has broken my heart.

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