Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midday Mush

8 years ago (2003....i was such a baby then), i started medical school. At that time, it was my job to study and learn and regurgitate information onto multiple choice tests. That was my job. And of course my other job was a mother but two job....i could handle that. When i was at school, i studied and learned. When i was at home, i was a mom. The end.

Fast forward 8 years. Graduated Med School. Graduated Internal Medicine Residency. Year 1 of 3 (maybe 4) done for Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship. Life is a bit more complicated now. I am a wife. I am a mother (still...duhhh). I am a homeowner. I am a fellow. I have what i consider "multiple jobs" now. Which brings me to my point. When it was only my job to study and be a mom, it wasn't bad. Now that i have multiple things pulling me in different direction, it gets a bit more dicey.

Which is why i am going to take a second to complain. Please bear with me. I am spending the months of June, July, and August locked in the library. Studying for a test that i will take on August 10, 2011. Yet another test i have to pass in this never ending hurdles of multiple choice tests for medicine. Sitting here makes me rememeber sitting here in the past years- studying the cranial nerves, learning pharmacology, and the studying for Step 1 and 2 and 3. Back then, i could sit in the library for 12+ hours....soaking up the information. Not caring about what else i had to do because studying/learning was my job.

Unfortunately 1/2 way through my day now, my brain turns to mush. I don't have the stamina i use to have to sit and study or learn. So my brain is mush. This is my break to see if i can refocus and get back to questions.....but the mushiness is here.

Here is a picture of mush (cornmeal mush i think). This is what my brain look like. :)

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