Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Martha Stewart, I am not

I am not creative. I am not artistic. I do not really use my right side of my brain.
I do however, like school (i am a perpetual student), i like to learn, and my left side is my dominant side. I am a nerd.

So when taylor asked me for a bookshelf for her room, we ended up getting this UGLY brown bookshelf. It didn't match her room (black, white, and *some* green). So i looked on the internet and came up with an idea to make it look sooo much better. Ok, so i actually copied an idea but whatever. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. :)

This was my inspiration.....a bit fancier bookshelf and appears to be more sturdy. But i thought it was pretty cool. And do-able. Even for me!

First i painted it white- just the outside, because the inside was going to be covered up.

The inside was covered with two types of wrapping paper. It was suppose to be wall paper because that is more durable, but i couldn't find any cool black/white wall paper. So i bought wall paper at Target and put the black/white striped paper on the shelves and the black/grey on the sides and back of the shelves.

This is the wrapping paper- black/white stripe and black/grey floral.

Work in progress.....

Almost done- the wrapping paper was REALLY hard to work with and each section of wall paper needed to dry overnight before i could start on the next. AND i kept on misplacing my straight edge.....

Finished product!

Like i said, i'm not martha stewart but i think it is a good 1st attempt!

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