Monday, July 25, 2011

Current internet obsessions

Good morning!
Due to circumstances that were unforeseen, i am working tonight. I am NOT a night person but i am trying to make the most of it. Anyway, I am trying to stay awake while working, so i thought i would let you know about websites i am currently obsessed with.

1. Judith March
When i say i am obsessed, i am OBSESSED with this designer. Stephanie Nichols is the designer of the brand, based out of Florida, and the dresses are totally cute and practical, and pretty affordable. Her theory is: "Fashion will continue to be inspired by the classic styles of yesterday with a forward thinking edge that can keep up with today's women."

I have about 10 (ok, maybe 15....or 16) of her dresses. I really haven't counted...but maybe when i go home, i will.
I usually buy them from my favorite store in Manning, Jessica's Boutique, but sometimes i find them on Ebay and Facebook.

However-If you are going to buy, call Jessica, at Jessica's Boutique- she is WONDERFUL! Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is sweet and a great person to do business with! Now, go buy some Judith March!!/jessicasboutique

2. Kandee the Make-up artist

This 32 year old mom of 4 (Jordan 14, Alani 5, and Blak, and Elyse <1 year), went from Beauty school when she was young, to overcoming adversity and grew to become a CELEBRITY make-up artist, working for amazing companies like MTV/VH1, CNN, ABC, CBS, VISA, VANS and working with celebrities (too many to list).

She is basically me (overcoming adversity, having a kid at a young age, etc), but more creative (uses her R side of her brain) and she knows how to put on make-up (which i don't really). AND she gets to work with celebrities, which i would LOVE to do. Right now i have patients that like to cuss me out and not listen to the advice a give them. Fair, eh?

I read her blog daily- lots of info from how to tweeze eyebrows to make-up applications to fashion to YOU NAME IT.

I <3 her!

3. For the Love of Cooking

Basically it is a blog by Pam, a stay at home mom with two children who inspires her to be a better cook. She uses fresh ingredients (organic when possible) and experiments with different tastes and textures, all the while trying to keep her recipes lower in fat but still tasting great.

I have made wonderful meals inspired by her recipes.
Next up, the southwestern stuffed portabello mushrooms (seen below). Looks delish!

That's 3 of my Internet obsessions right now. I am sure i am forgetting more (hey- it is 12 am and my brain is a bit fried) but it is the little things that make me happy. Especially when i am doing 6+ hours of studying a day. Bleh. Unfortunately August 10th will be here soon enough!

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