Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm just not feeling it today.... i thought i would write a blog (since it has been a while) to let the creative juices flow and to just let me blow off some steam.
Why am i not feeling it today?
Well, I don't know if it is the constant rain we have been having in Charleston- i mean, rain, every day....downpours, then sun, then clouds, then downpours, then flooding, then sun, then more downpours.
today is day #2 of a continuous flash flood watch.......

Photo: Well it's flooding!!! emergencies  only please

Or the fact that i feel like i am being drowned in a sea of boxes......
Closing day is July 15th.  Move in to our new house August 1st.
Trading this house...........................................................for this one........................

And for those 15 days that we will be homeless, my dear friend Erin has offered us (and the three pups) her home.  Let's see if she lets me call her a friend after we have spent those days with her.  While i know i am completely delightful (hehe), these puppies can be a HANDFUL!  I am sure i will bribe her with lots of wine!

Or the fact that it is already July.  How did this happen?  Where did the past 6 months go?  Oh- and speaking of July, we all know that i love July 4th because that means i get to cook (and even though i will be moonlighting, i will be bringing delicious food for my co-workers)!
But, since i will be working and want to show some patriotism, i also decided to be patriotic with my nails and do this:
Final (1)

Well, i am not even going to show you what it actually looked like when i attempted it.  I might submit a picture to (yes, it was really that bad).  Lol.

For now, i am going to stick to what i am good at-cooking cupcakes and then decorating them like an American flag.  Lol.

Well, i might have gotten some inspiration to do some work, read, pack, clean, and all those other things i was dreading.......have a good day y'all!

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