Monday, July 15, 2013

Goodbye house

This house officially is NOT MINE!  It is bittersweet- purchased Nov 20, 2008.  Sold July 15, 2013.  Lots of memories made between those dates, a lot good, and a few bad.  But now it is time for someone else to enjoy the house and make their own memories.

Since i am homeless until August 1st (again, thank you Erin for allowing us to stay with you over the next 15 days starting tomorrow......don't say i didn't warn you!!!), i resided at my parent's home over the weekend without the puppies.  They are at summer camp (aka the kennel).  But being at my parent's house means i get to FINALLY download the pictures my dad took from graduation- 1 month ago!
 The 5 fellows- Rahul, Clay, me, Travis, and Matt

 Most of the fellows......(missing 4)

 Graduating fellows and the attendings who molded and shaped us.  haha.

 Me and Tay

 Me and Brett

 Me and my dad

Me and Dr Silvestri

Can't believe it took 1 month to finally upload them!!

In other news, i am dying to cook- i miss my kitchen!!
I want to make:
These oyster sliders
This sesame ginger salmon
This lobster grilled cheese


Ok, i have now spent 7 hours watching NCIS.  LOL.  Love this RELAXING day!!  Back to the grind tomorrow!!

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