Thursday, July 25, 2013

Homelessness x 1+ week

Good rainy thursday afternoon- today marks 9 days of homelessness.
My friend Erin has so very kindly taken us in and has fondly nicknamed my dogs "the three ringed circus."
Here they are- as you can see, they have made themselves at home.

And poor Erin has lost a dogbed-  thank goodness that is the only thing.  
We all know how Leia likes to eat things!
But look!  It looks like it snowed!  Lol!

Not much else to report here.  We have a nice routine going at Erin's house- 
sleep, eat, study, eat, keep dogs from eating the cats, drink some wine, and repeat.

I am excited that Taylor will be back tomorrow and that i get to see Karen in 2 days!  
Yea for mini-road trips!!

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