Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chain of Fools

Chain of Fools is a song sang by Aretha Franklin, recorded in 1967.  My Calculus tutor in high school, Josie Sheatsley use to sing it to me when i was doing the chain rule for AP Calculus (she was home schooling me because, well, i was pregnant my senior year of high
For those of you who don't remember, the chain rule is a formula for computing the derivative of the composition of two or more functions. That is, if f is a function and g is a function, then the chain rule expresses the derivative of the composite function fg in terms of the derivatives of f and g.
For example, the chain rule for (fg)(x) is

\frac {df}{dx} = \frac {df}{dg} \cdot \frac {dg}{dx}.
Yep, i am a total nerd.

But for about 10 years, i always thought she was singing "Change, Change, Change" (like change your answer because you are wrong) and it wasn't until i was in Residency when an attending and i had a discussion about that song and i realized i had the lyrics wrong, and i figured out it was "Chain of Fools" not "Change of Fools."  So for 10 years, when things were changing around me, i would sing "change, change, change," completely incorrectly but felt it was relevant to my life.

So for today, I am singing the song incorrectly, singing "change change change" as many different things are changing around me in my life.
1st off, the movers are here.  Loading POD #1 (of 2) up with as many boxes, furniture, etc as possible.

We will soon have an empty house that has been inspected by at least a 1/2 dozen people, cleaned, and ready to have a new owner.  I have bought her a bottle of champagne and toasting glasses to celebrate her 1st house.  So hopefully this happens!
Please say a prayer as closing is on Monday AM and i would LOVE for this to be over and done with!

Oh- and Tiberius HATES packing!!

2nd off, i have a new ride.
Here is my 2013 (but used) Honda CR-V that was officially mine on July 6, 2013.  
This little beauty is fuel efficient, safe, and best of all, has air conditioning!  It is the perfect car to take me to and from Colleton Hospital in Walterboro.  The commute will be much better in this ride rather than the '93 Volvo.

I am sure there are more changes that i can describe for you but i need to supervise these moving guys (come on dudes- don't leave the front door open the WHOLE time- you are letting in flies!!!!).

Now everyone sing with me "change change change!"  I am totally embracing it!

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