Friday, June 14, 2013

3 years- DONE!

Technically Fellowship is done June 30th.  But i have 2 weeks of I AM DONE!
 3 years (36 months or 1095 days) of Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship.
The stats:
July 2010-June 2013
5 MICU months
2.5 MSICU months
3 Consult months
3.5 VA Ward months
2 Pulmonary Ward Months
9 Research months
2 STICU months
2 Procedure months
4 Elective Months
2 Transplant months
1 sleep month
(and off 9 weeks of vacation sprinkled in there and holidays too!)

Lets review the past 3 years in pictures, shall we?

Ok, who remembers the call sparkle shoes from 1st year fellowship???

Taylor and me at Christmas 2010 (and cousin Stephen looking on)

New Years Eve Dec 31, 2010- Key West with Jen and Glenn Franklin!

Hilton Head girl's weekend with Karen and Kelly- January 2011

I became an aunt! Ava Ray Lambert- born April 11, 2011

 Hawaii October 2011 for CHEST meeting

Last time the 5 fellows were together in clinic- June 2012

Taylor got her learner's permit- June 2012

Kelly got married- October 2012

November 2012- Taylor's 16th birthday!

 Leia- aka the Christmas ornament eater, aka the puppy who threw up glitter

ENT Christmas party with Ava and a trip to Missouri with Brett

Then a trip to Boston to visit Karen and Amol- there was SNOW!!!

 Ava turned 2

Mya Cameron Lambert was born- April 15, 2013- I am an aunt x2!

And my baby had surgery

And now, it is June 14, 2013- and i am done working at MUSC.  For those of you wondering,
 I will be an attending out at Colleton Hospital in Walterboro (about 1 hour West of Charleston).  
I'll be commuting so Taylor can finish up high school at SOA and we are moving to 
West Ashley to be closer to....well everything!

Thank you to MUSC for 10 years of memories.  
I am kinda relieved that i won't be walking the halls anymore and having someone say 
"haven't you graduated by now??!?!?!?"
Thank you to the nurses, colleagues, attendings, and all the other staff that work there that have tolerated me, taught me, and made me into the physician that i am today. 

...but i still have to clean out my desk and say my i will be around still 
(at least for 1-2 weeks).



  1. congrats, long road..... thanks for all you did for the Veterans! Tom

  2. What a YEAR you've had! I can't believe all you have done-you are truly amazing. Of course I know about your blog, woman! Thank you for your comment on mine :) Hope you're finally getting rid of all that rain and enjoying your summer! Hugs to Taylor!