Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shopping is the best medicine!

I really do think that shopping is the best medicine!  However, if you ask an asthmatic, they might say that their inhaler is the best medicine.  Or ask the person with chronic pain and they will say that morphine is the best medicine!  Personally, i don't like to take pills (i only take two- one to keep me from getting pregnant and one to keep me happy), so when things get rough, tough or sad, i turn to my plastic.  And mind you, NOT my credit cards, which i am continuously paying down, just my debit card.

I remember after each exam in medical school, i would hit King Street.  It didn't matter if it was a 1/2 day of exams or all day- as soon as the test was over, i drove down to that beautiful, expensive store ridden street and purchased enough to make me forget all the questions i didn't know the answers to.  And the best part was that the sales women knew me- the ladies in Express, Nine West, Steve Madden, Luna, and Francesca's all knew my name.  I shopped til i dropped. I bought things i didn't need. But i left happy....until i got my grades back the next week.

Fast forward to now- it has been a bumpy start to 2012 but i have to say that things are looking up.  Partly because i am taking time for myself and am working on me and what I WANT, and partly because i am rewarding myself with clothes.  Beautiful clothes.  And maybe i am going overboard- i just placed my THIRD order in a week at this store in Georgia, Red Dress Boutique- they are amazing- they post things on is very smart...but dangerous.  New pictures are posted almost daily and i see things that i need....want....must have.  And then i get them.  And of course love them.  But it is dangerous.

I know i need to heal my heart but maybe need to save my wallet.  Until i find a healthy balance, this is my new saying:

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