Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now just "LT." We went vegan.

Apparently we went vegan- currently minus the B (bacon).
I am not trying to make light of my situation but if you are reading this blog, that means that our old blog (BLT, not your typical lunch sandwich) is gone and this is its replacement.  This is MY blog, changed from OUR blog.

Unfortunately, there have been lots of changes over the past month- and i am not posting this to broadcast my life, my issues, my problems.  And I'm just sharing with my readers- all 5 of you- that i am not gone, just had to make some changes and a new blog.  So subscribe to my blog.  Continue to read about my adventures with my teenager, my job, my doofy bloodhound, and my addiction to diet mt dew! I will try to provide bi-weekly entertainment for the masses (all 5 of you).  LOL.

The most drastic change of the month:  Taylor's hair.  Isn't it AMAZING!

We have the best hairstylist ever- Jen Sample- although she is moving (waahhhhh!!!) to Chapel Hill (aka Chapel thrill) and won't be at our beckon call anymore.  Hehehe.  However, the word on the street is that she will be coming down to Charleston about once a month to do hair for her clients who just can't give her up.  YEA!!!!

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