Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A flat (and not the note on the piano)

So i usually love mondays- mainly because i love my job and like going to work.  And because i love my co-workers (unless they are sleep deprived).  And because it gives you another opportunity to have a great week (or a redo if you need it).

Unfortunately, yesterday (Monday) wasn't so great.  It wasn't because i stayed up late watching the superbowl (really, who even played?) or because i had a busy weekend (very relaxing and fun).  It was because i was driving to pick up carpool and tay goes "your car sounds funny."  And it did.  Like it was struggling to go.  Luckily, the next carpool house was only .2 miles away and i traveled SLOWLY to the house, pulled up, and saw this:

A FLAT FLAT tire. 

Now, i have never had a flat tire before.  Nor have i run out of gas, or gotten into an accident, or never had real car trouble.  And now this- a flat tire.  I don't know how to deal with this?  I can't even change my oil...or really know when to do that.  Panic set it (this is me, of course) because i didn't want to be late to work, and had to drive carpool, and above all, tires are expensive!  Not to fear, the other parent in carpool agreed to drive and she nicely made her husband get up and pump my tire up so that i could get to a service station to get it fixed.

I decided to go to Gereld's Tires- mainly because of the tv commercials.  I half hoped that they would be filming that morning- i looked cute and if they fixed my car and got me to work quickly, i would sing their praises to the camera!  Of course, they weren't filming.  But they did fix my tire.....and then recommended i replace another tire that looked horrible.  So they got me- two tires- unforeseen expenses- but i was at work within 45 minutes of when i should have been.  Sweet!

And, despite the grumbling of starting off my week with this tragic start, i get in my car and see this:

Really, how can you be mad when you get a rose?!?!?!

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