Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My daughter, the reader

I love that my daugher reads.
Especially since the only thing i read now are:
1) pulmonary books,
2) trashy magazines, and
3) recipes.
*not a great example

Anyway, this past weekend (before the clumsy bump and subsequent CT scan), my daugher asked if we could take her downtown to King Street so that she could get some books signed and get extra credit for her creative writing grade. I didn't even care what it was- extra credit is always good.

So Saturday afternoon, we took a trip to downtown Charleston, so that Taylor could attend "YALLFest." YALL as in Young Adult Literature (plus an L), hosted by Blue Bicycle Books, which hosted about 20 authors who write teen novels. And let me tell you- it appeared to be a sucess- and it was all because of books! There were hundred of teens roaming the street, listening to talks by the authors, and then going to book signings.

To read more about it, go here:

AND....check out the picture of my famous daughter! Her picture is in the paper! WHOO HOO!

ps- all those books in her hands- they got signed- plus the 4 others in her purse! i love that she loves to read!!!

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