Sunday, November 13, 2011

My brain is ok

I am not a hypochondriac and i do NOT like going to the doctor, let alone the ER.
This comes from me, the girl who never thought she had a disease in med school, and the girl who rarely goes to the doctor unless i think i am dying.

Well, this morning, i thought i was dying....or at least had something wrong with my head.
So last night while trying to get my super cute new boots on, i bent down to fiddle with the zipper and came up quickly and *BAM*- i hit the top of my head on an open dresser drawer. It hit pretty close to my shunt (yes, i have a shunt- it feels weird and i always warn my hairstylist when she washes my hair so it doesn't gross her out) and it hurt A LOT! I took ibuprofen, pouted a bit, and then went on with my evening.

I had a headache when i went to bed but took my usual 1 gram of ibuprofen and hoped it would go away. I was wrong. This morning my headache was worse, i was nauseated, and had blurred vision. I took more advil, ate breakfast and had to get ready for work (i was on call today starting at 7 am). But the advil didn't help and i felt worse as i was getting ready.....and it made me nervous. AND my head had been bleeding- not a lot but there was blood and that is never good. I have been slack in the past about getting my shunt looked at (suppose to get a MRI once a year) but hitting my head could mean bad things. In my mind my headache, nausea, and blurred vision either meant:

1) the shunt stopped working because of the hit or
2) a hematoma (collection of blood) in my brain that was making me feel bad

So, i did what any normal person would do after taking 2 grams of ibuprofen and still had a headache, nausea and blurred vision- i went to the ER and made them do a CT scan of my brain.
Now, the very very nice ER attending agreed that it was a good idea to do it- better to be safe than sorry- and a CT scan would show blood and if the shunt was working.

Well guess what?

My head CT is normal.

This is my actual brain- and the big white thing in the center is my shunt- working very well thank you. And there is no blood. And my brain is normal (much to the argument of my brother and co-worker). And then i felt like a fool. A big hypochondriac fool.

I still have a headache- despite more medications. And i still feel nauseated (no, i am not pregnant). But i think i am going to feel even more sick when i get the bill from the ER.....

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