Wednesday, October 12, 2011

shoe obsessed!

I'm dying here.....i want one of each please (oh- and if i can get a loan to buy them all)!!!

Red beautiful rainboots!

Louis Vuitton heels- never had a pair but WOW!

These are just fun!

And perfect to wear with a LBD!

And every girl needs a good pair of cowboy boots!

I mean, how beautiful are they?!?!?!

Couldn't you just look at this blog all day? (Taylor says no btw but she is jealous because she just only wears doc martins and i won't let her wear my beautiful heels).

Oh- and i do have to say that Taylor and i are both really lucky because we wear the same size shoe! So....when you think about it, you can buy ME a pair of shoes and it will really be a pair of shoes for ME AND TAYLOR! Two for the price of one! Perfection!!!

And yes taylor, i am a total girl. :)

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  1. You are decked out for a trip to AUSTIN!