Monday, October 31, 2011

The good, the bad, and the A-mazing food in Hawaii

The good

1) Pho in Chinatown, downown Honolulu

B enjoying it while watching football (saturday football at 5 pm in Hawaii was 11 pm in SC)

The bad

2) Mini burgers and nachos at Cheeseburger Wakiki


It was our 1st meal in Hawaii- we were jet lagged and it was NOT a good experience. We ate and went to bed.

The A-mazing

3) Spam sushi

Also known as Spam musubi

We got ours at a sushi restaurant, but you can also find it at the local 7-elevens in Hawaii!

Also, our president, Obama, is a fan of this type of "sushi."

4) Japanese Fighting Fish- fried and served whole
We ate at a Thai food restaurant across from the Hilton hotel. It was visited by the Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain. And this fish was its signature dish.

Obviously it was good.


5) Helena's Hawaiian food-

We watched Man V Food on the travel channel and Adam went here and had an amazing meal. We decided to eat there our last day before heading to the airport to try "original" Hawaiian food

This is Laulau-

Basically, you take the fattiest chunk of pig-butt and butterfish that you can find, salt both of ‘em , and then wrap it all in taro leaves and place it in an underground oven. A few hours later the laulau is ready to eat.

So delish!!!

So yes, we had good, bad, and A-mazing food in Hawaii. B says that Helena's was the best part of the trip for him.

More blogging about the trip later.

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