Friday, October 28, 2011

The reason behind the trip.....

......i actually had to work! Yes, i went to hawaii to WORK, LEARN, AND PRESENT!
And of course have fun!

So over the past 9 months, i have been working on Pulmonary research looking at sepsis mortality in the ICU and health disparities in South Carolina. And there are 2 large pulmonary conferences each year that our faculty likes for us to attend- so when i heard the ACCP 2011 meeting was in Honolulu, i said "sign me up!"

I spent 6 days and 5 nights in Honolulu at the CHEST convention (yea!). I was able to attend a Fellow's Conference that gave us lectures and then hands on simulation (see video below), i heard lectures from other fellows, and of course, i got to present my research in poster form.

Here in the Conference Center-

Here is a pic of me from CBS news Hawaii- i'm learning critical care ultrasound techniques

And here is my poster!

Oh- and then remember how i said i was on the news?!?!? Well, here is the link. I had NO IDEA they were filming me- i was actually in "learning mode" because i don't know much about critical care ultrasound. So cool!!!

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