Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asheville Weekend

B and i spent last weekend in Asheville- well, actually one night in Columbia (yep- Colatown) and two nights in Waynesville (about 30 minutes from Asheville). It was wonderful to have a weekend away and i wanted to show you some pictures from our weekend!

Our Waynesville hotel- http://www.thewaynesvilleinn.com/
It is actually a golf resort and spa- slightly "dated" but very tranquil and peaceful!

Berry saying good morning!

The happy couple! This is right before we went and spent time in the hot springs!


Table Rock, SC

Oh- and we went to see Evin, who owns Split Creek Farm and its many many goats!

If you ever go up towards Pickens, SC, go here. Try the fudge. It is AMAZING!!

And of course we had to hit some SC wineries! This is one of the three wineries we went to- we are trying to start up our own, so it is great to meet up with the people who are already in the thick of it and talk "shop."

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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