Sunday, September 26, 2010

"sunday gun-day"

Everyone knows that usually sunday is known as "sunday fun-day" but today i had named the day "sunday gun-day."

The reason for this is because Camille, Mary, and I were signed up for a women's gun shooting class, where we learned to shoot a gun. The class was scheduled from 1-5 pm today (with lunch being served) and was in Ridgeville, SC (about 45 minutes away from my house).
Now, i have to say that this class was something that i was NOT looking forward to. For starters, i am still on night float and am "working" tonight and had to be at work at 5 pm, which didn't really allow me for time with the family and to get ready for work today. I also wanted a relaxing sunday. I wanted bottomless mimosas and brunch with the hubby . I wanted to go to Target and wanted to take taylor to Halloween Express (one of my favorite stores too). I just wanted some relaxing time.

Not that gun shooting is relaxing- i honestly don't know if it is or not. I do know that it makes me nervous just thinking about shooting a gun. Berry wants me to learn in order to protect the family but let's just face it....i am not that coordinated and am pretty sure i would end up shooting myself rather than an intruder. ALSO, growing up i always heard stories about kids finding their parent's guns and shooting themselves or their siblings by accident. NO THANK YOU.

Anyway, i digress. So Camille, Mary, and I piled into the car and drove 45 min down highway 61 to the gun club. Mary and i chatted about work, boys, and life, while Camille napped in the back. Just when i thought we couldn't go any further, we found the turnoff to the gun club. However, to our surprise, when we turned onto the street that the gun club was on, we ran into this:

We were stuck. Couldn't get to the gun range. We called them twice, left messages TWICE, and finally decided there was nothing we could do but give up. We were already 45 minutes late because we tried to find alternate routes....we even used the Garmin! Defeated, we turned around and headed home....another 45 minute drive back. This time in rain.

We do plan to go back and take this class in the future. Hopefully the bridge will be fixed by then.

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