Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1st blog post

In an effort to stay off of the "social networks," I decided to start writing on the family blog.

This blog was initially started in the Spring 2010 when Berry and I were talking about expanding our family and we were going to have a blog where family, friends, and the randoms that happen upon it, can see our journey. Unfortunately we learned that our plans were not going to happen right then. I got offered a fellowship position at MUSC in Pulmonary/Critical Care to start the day after finishing residency and poof- the baby plans were history. It wasn't SUCH a bad thing- i had wanted to be a pulmonary fellow...i just didn't know it was going to happen so soon.

So now i am 3 months in to my fellowship and working nights- hence my late night posts. Berry had a slight job change and is now teaching at Trident Technical College AND College of Charleston. And Taylor is in 8th grade and is a "typical" teenager with angst, drama, and a passion for shopping.

Of course i can't forget my babies- Tiberius is sleeping near my feet. He hates my night float schedule. One of the reasons why i love Ti is that he is a creature of habit, like myself. On normal days, he likes to wake up early with me, he sleeps most of the day, and then he goes to bed with me around 9:30 pm. This happens pretty much every day. Since i am now nocturnal, Ti HATES that i am up all night- his poor eyes are even more red and droopy than usual and he gives Berry the look that says "where is mommy? i want to go to bed." Ellie is oblivious to it all. She sleeps peacefully in Taylor's room each night- the snuggle bugs would want it no other way.

So this is our first blog post. I am going to encourage Berry and Taylor to blog when they can- something the family can do together! Besides, i am sure our readers are going to get tired of just me!

Anywhoo- good morning to all!

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