Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, boring monday

Good monday morning everyone.  Hope you had a nice weekend and are enjoying the start to your work week.

Obviously i have too much time on my hands...(hence the boring monday) so this is what i have seen either on tv or found on the internet that i thought would be an entertaining way to spend your monday.

KMart's "Show Your Joe" commercial

 Creepy santas.
This freaks me out

Freaky, Frosty the Snowman's evil twin.
4th year- this time in Boston.
I hope Karen and Amol see him!!

Not really a "holiday" post but something exciting nevertheless.
Charleston Restaurant Week 2014.  January 8-19, 2014.

I'm making my list of places to go...and trying to get reservations at some of the greeeeaaat places!

I really wish my kid made this....but she didn't.....but she is a kid after my own heart!

And full of great advice.

I'm losing steam....maybe need a nap or something.
xoxo everyone

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