Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thursday things (published on friday after i woke up)

1. So my mom's birthday was on May 28th and it was the big 6-0!
And the family decided to throw her a little surprise party for the big day.

Here is the beautiful cake table that my SIL set up!  :)

Here is my mom getting surprised!

Taylor, Ava, and Neannie

Marie, Taylor, Ava, and Papaul

Erika and Ava

Ava and my mom (the birthday girl!)

And of course i had to take pics of the food- because it looked amazing!
Laura Alberts did the catering for the party (yea that i didn't have to cook) and the food and service and price was fantastic!
This is a sashimi tuna salad

Caprese salad

Here is the delish Strawberry and Cream cake from Sugar bakeshop.

Oh- and we also had pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotlet sauce and a mango chutney.
And we also had beef tenderloin with a horseradish sauce and spicy mustard.

Another video (have i told you lately that i love my iphone??)

2. So i am still baking.
These are the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes that i made for my last night of nightfloat in the MICU.
Here is the recipe.
Another fantastic recipe....from Pinterest.  Thank you pinterest for adding inches to my waist line.  :)

3. Which brings me to #3.  I am done with MICU.  Which is sad and fantastic at the same time.  But i still have another year of fellowship left so don't get all excited for me.
What happened was that with increasing the # of fellows from 4 to 5 a year, we now have 15 fellows!  It is great because more fellows means more people to help out.  It also means that one of the upcoming 3rd year fellows would not get the chance to do MICU because there are too many of us and not enough months.  All 5 of us upcoming 3rd year fellows love the MICU (who doesn't love critical care) but considering that MICU month means 2 weeks of 12-14 hour days and 2 weeks of night float, i opted out of the month.  I love it, i really do love the ICU, but it is hard to leave Taylor by herself at night while i am at work.  And while she is practically an adult (more adult than me), i always worry that something will happen when i am gone. So with me not doing the MICU, i am now worry free.
BUT- oh my goodness i am going to miss it.  I love the MICU.  I love the procedures.  I love intensity.  I love the patient population.  I love the nurses/techs/pharmDs/RTs- everyone that makes the MICU run smoothly- I love you all.  And i am going to miss you so much.  Since my 4th year of med school, and residency, and fellowship, i have spent 8 months working in the MICU and i have loved every minute of it.  Even the difficult patients.  Even the sad cases.  Even the patients we couldn't save.  I learned so much and hate that i won't be there next year.
Ok....i am getting sad.  Moving on to #4

4. How cute/sweet/adorable is my niece.  I stole this pic from my sister so i have to say that i wasn't there and didn't witness the cuteness, but i wanted to share with everyone because seriously- super cute!

5. Today (Friday, June 1st) Taylor finished 9th grade.  OMG.
There are no words to express how astonished i am that the little baby i had almost 16 years ago has only 3 more years of high school.  Time flies!
In honor of her finishing (but we don't have grades yet), we went out to eat at a restaurant of her choice.
And where did she pick?

Yes, Basil.  An amazing Thai restaurant downtown.
We both got dressed up, which you know i love to do.  Taylor, not so much.  She complained the whole night because she was wearing a dress.  Hehe.

Basil is famous for two things- Pad Thai and the Crispy Duck.  And what did we both get?  The Pad Thai (because she didn't want to share!!!)

Dinner was delish.
Taylor leaves for Europe in 11 days (going there with school for 10 days to London, Paris, and Madrid- lucky girl).  Then she visits her dad for a month.  I'm gonna miss the girl.

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