Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I promise i am studying

I promise i am studying....kinda....sorta.
I mean, there is something not so fun about sitting in the library (or at home like i am doing today), doing questions and reading for 4-6 hours a day.  There has GOT to be some relief every once in a while.

So i am trying to refrain from surfing the internet too much while studying......I am trying to be focused when studying and enjoying my time off when i have it.  But things like facebook, gmail, pinterest, and general celeb gossip are constantly whispering in my ear for me to play with them instead of my questions.  And for the guys who read my blog, my obsessions can be likened to football, beer, playboy, and ESPN.  ha.

Ok- i am currently obsessing over a few things.

1st off- these cute floral jeans by 7 For All Mankind
Super cute, amazing and i would wear them every day- even under my scrubs.
But $200....i gotta pass.  I owe too much money to too many people!
And ps- how unhappy does this model look in the pic?  Smile for goodness sakes!  You have on fabulous jeans!

And i know i posted about this necklace before but i STILL want it.  For a mere $300 dollars you can have this necklace, just like Lauren Conrad.
Again- expensive taste and can't buy it.
My mom says i have champagne taste on a beer budget.  BUT I DON"T LIKE BEER!  :(

And ahhh....Annie Griffin clothes.
My favorite store in Manning Jessica's Boutique turned me on to this fabulous designer.
By the way, if you are ever driving down 95 and stop in Manning (for what, i don't know but whatever)- go to Jessica's.  Totally worth it!  OR you could hop on the internet and check out her facebook page and shop that way too (which is what i do).  Ahhh...what would i ever do without facebook shopping.
I can only afford them when they are on sale- but check out the stripped dress (2nd from the R)....it is to die for!  And i already have a hat like that and shoes like that, so the dress would just complete the outfit.

And last but not least, this is what i dreamed about last night.
Yes, i dreamed about a banana pudding cupcake.   Yumm-o
Here is the recipe.

I am pretty sure my dream had something to do with the fact that tay made some of these last night (although they don't look as pretty- sorry tay).  But it also might have been due to the fact that i went to bed without dinner.......thank you very much for feeding me wine and no food (ok, i really can't blame anyone but myself but i am going to try!!).
Back to my dream.....in it i kept on trying to make these cupcakes but every time i would go to open a box of vanilla wafers, a big hole had been ripped into the box and they were all gone.  Come to find out my brother had been eating them in his sleep (random) and eating the box as well (which is why there was a big hole in the side).  Yeah, random dream.

Ok- well, i my break is over.  Back to studying.  Thank goodness it is cloudy outside or i wouldn't get anything done bc i would be tanning by my beautiful pool!

Happy tuesday!

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