Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taylor is back tomorrow!!

So my 9 days without Taylor have been interestingly quiet.........and i am looking forward to having my kid home safe and sound, without food poisoning  (don't ask).

So this is how i spent my last few days:

Spent the better part of last week studying.....and doing more studying.
Then the weekend came and i had a co-fellow's birthday party to attend (which was so fun!).
Then i was on call Sunday, which was also Father's Day, and after call, I was able to visit my parents.
This is the view from their 2nd floor......ahhhhh.....

And this is my brother, Paul, and Ava- their 2nd Father's Day together.  :)
And OMG- doesn't she look exactly like him?!?!?

 And then the weekend was gone....and the first 3 days of the week have flown by.  I have been studying and doing more studying.......and getting distracted by beautiful clothes.

Like this one......
 And this one......

Ahhh.....i just might have had a clothes-gasm.

Ok- and while I randomly happened upon this picture on, i think it is one of the most beautiful pictures I HAVE EVER SEEN.
(This is Vanessa Lachey btw)

Obviously not a very exciting blog....kinda random and all over the place....but that is my mood today.  Hopefully when Taylor gets back it can be a bit more lively and succinct!

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