Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Obsessions

1. iPhone 4s
Goodbye crackberry........ hello iphone!!!  You are currently 48 hours new baby.
And i am already totally addicted. 
However.... i can't sync my itunes with my iphone.....what the flip?!?!?

2.  Glamour magazine lists the 25 hottest celebs of 2012. Agree or disagree with their picks?
I personally <3 Emma Stone and Zoey Deschanel.

3. DIY Bow Heels

man i wish i was cute are these????
Viktor & Rolf-Inspired DIY bow heels

4. The Charleston Food and Wine Festival
March 1-4, 2012
Highlights have been:
Thursday's Opening Night Party
Friday's Taco Turf Wars - at Lowndes Grove Plantation  (hello amazing pork belly, roasted bananas, microgreens and peanut sauce)
Highlights will be:
Saturday i will be MIA but i heard the Culinary Village and its Grand Tasting Tents is where to be
Sunday- BBQ Blues+Brew – for their closing ceremony!

Happy Weekend!

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