Tuesday, March 5, 2013

RIP my Mazda

So i realize it has been 8 days since i posted my last blog....and the past week should have been happy and a start of a new beginning....but it has been anything but that
Last week, on February 27, 2013 my marriage was recognized as over, dissolved, finished, legally divorced (etc) by Berkley County, in the State of South Carolina.  That is not why my week has sucked....although I almost didn't get divorced (went to the wrong court house) and was late to my own divorce hearing.  Well, my lawyer, who is awesome, got our hearing pushed back and the divorce was able to proceed as scheduled.  So divorce finalized.  And when it was final, my friends joined me to celebrate my "Independence" with drinks, laughing, and a few presents (some inappropriate, thanks Jennifer Burnside- who i <3 so much).  Lol.  Good times.  Thank you for making that day tolerable.

But this blog isn't going to document my life over the past week as a newly divorced woman- unfortunately other things have been occupying my time and increasing my stress level- and the theme of the past week has been "Tires, and Cylinders, and Engines.  Oh my"  And to make a looong story short, my Mazda Tribute has died, quite unexpectedly, and cannot be revived, no matter how many rounds of CPR, pressors, and shocks are done.  It is dead.  Cylinders have quit working, the engine continues to malfunction at any given time, and there is no cure.  And to make me even more sad, my Mazda was only 8 years old.  So young.  Such a tragedy.
Here is a picture of us- back when i was a 3rd year med student- so young (and blonde! and wrinkle free!) and naive, thinking we would have a long and lasting relationship.

But no- i drove her for the last time and will soon be trading her in for parts.  And as for what to do next- that is a whole other story/argument/decision that cannot be made now.  I am choosing to blog since i finished my clinic notes (and don't want to painting, car searching or house search- i am in mourning right now!)......it is too stressful to have all of this change!!!

So instead of leaving you with my bitching, moaning and complaining about the last few days and my need to figure out what to do about transportation, I want to share with you some wonderful videos of Ava, who i just love and adore more than anything.

To all of my readers, enjoy your night and your transportation.  Sometimes you never know what you have until you don't have it anymore(which is applicable on so many levels).  xox

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