Friday, March 15, 2013

It is refreshing, yet displeasing to the eye......

Yes my dear friends, it is Friday night.  I am relaxing in front of the dvd player watching Pitch Perfect (again...and hence the title of he post).  I was productive today but needed a "break" from things, so i wanted to watch my 2nd favorite movie.
         Bumper: I get the feeling that we should kiss... I mean is that a good feeling or, like, a wrong feeling? 
          Fat Amy: Wellll, sometimes I feel like I could do crystal meth but then I think, hmm, better not."

Any bets on what my favorite movie is???
Anyway, why am i relaxing?
This week has been:
1) sucky
2) horrible
3) awful
4) not fun
5) very bad
6) no good
7) the worst of 2013
Need i say anymore?  No, i am not going to tell you any more than this- this week sucked.  I'll explain more later but for now, it was just bad.

And to top it off- today started out VERY VERY VERY BAD!  Today was Friday, my last day of work, the day before a 2 day today shouldn't have been bad, right?  WRONG!
I got up, ate, showered, got dressed, and drove to work...and i was early!  I was so excited to be starting my day and i was early!  Well, i get out of my car, and i look down and what do i see????

My slippers (aka my uggs....the shoes i wear around my house as house shoes) where my nice dress shoes would normally be!!!!  So there i was, at work, wearing my nice dress pants and cute shirt and nice jewelry (and btw my bangs in a french braid and cute!), and i had my slippers/house shoes on.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  I remembered my feet had been cold after i got dressed and i put my Uggs back on...but i guess i never switched into my work shoes.  Oops.
So back home i went.  I raced home (so much for being early), changed shoes and drove back to work.  Parked in the garage (same parking spot) and started the day over again. Take 2.

With that being said, today is 1 hour and 29 minutes away from being done.  I have a nice glass of wine and Pitch Perfect is on.  And while i blog and the movie is in the back ground and i sing along when i can, my three dogs sleep peacefully around me and all is right with the world....for now.  Tomorrow is a new day and i have to keep on reminding myself that 2013 is going to be a great year!

Happy Friday.
And remember: 
As said perfectly by Pitch Perfect- 
         Jesse "I told you, endings are the best part."  
         Becca   "You're such a weirdo"

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