Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The SIL is engaged!

Here is a wonderful story to share during this holiday season.

This is Paul Nutter, his son Colin, and my SIL Mary Hiott.

Here is the sign Paul made for Mary on Sunday, December 18th as he proposed to Mary (finally!)

Here is Paul, Mary, and Paige (the one who helped Paul pull it all off) after the deed had been done.

Here is the happy couple!

And there was an engagement party afterwards that was also a surprise for Mary! Paul and i had talked about doing something after the engagement MONTHS ago and when it hadn't happened by the beginning of december, i had given up on him. Well, just about two weeks ago, he FBed me and said "how about the 18th?" And my planning went into full swing! Invites, making sure people kept this secret, cooking, and cleaning! It was so exciting!!! You know how i LOVE to plan and Mary deserves so much happiness that it was so much fun to do!

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