Monday, March 24, 2014

March madness

I really need to do better about updating this blog.  Really.  And i have time...i just have been keeping things locked up in my brain, dwelling on things, and trying to internalize it......not airing my dirty laundry.  I guess i am growing up?  Or becoming boring?  I don't know.

Current obsessions:

Season 3 ended last night and the show is maturing and each of the girls had a nice storyline.  Shoshana didn't graduate from college, found out that Marnie and Ray had slept together, and then asked Ray to get back together, to which he said no.  Poor Shos.  Marnie kisses a guy who has a girlfriend and then spies and grins from behind a gate when this said guy and his gf break up.  Psycho much?  Jessa attempts to help an artist commit suicide (something i am not sure i could do), only to have the artist change her mind, AFTER swallowing the pills, and 911 is called.  Hannah, finally does something for herself and puts her life in a forward position after getting accepted at Iowa writing school....without Adam's approval.  And the best part of the show...

..................... Elijah wears a suit and the pants are actually shorts!  New fashion trend!!  WOWza!  Do you think Brett would look good in that?

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Have you read the book(s)?  With the movie being released this past weekend, i decided to read the 1st book so that i could then see the movie.  The short summary:  Beatrice Prior lives in a future version of Chicago where there are five distinct factions. Each faction thinks one virtue is best: Dauntless think bravery is keen, Erudite love knowledge, Abnegation is pro-self-sacrifice, Amity hearts friendship, and Candor is into telling it like it is. Beatrice grew up in an Abnegation family. But when she turns 16, she decides to join Dauntless—partly because they're cool; partly because she doesn't feel selfless enough to be a good Abnegation; and partly because her test result showed that she was Divergent, meaning she doesn't really fit in with any one faction.  But joining Dauntless isn't just about showing up and saying "take me." All the initiates have to train and compete to get into the faction. Along the way, Beatrice takes a new nickname—Tris—and meets a range of people. There are new friends like Al, Will, and Christina; new enemies like Peter and his evil minions; and new teachers, like the scary Eric and the hot Four. Tris has to compete to get into Dauntless, all while hiding that she's really Divergent. There's blood, violence, and some kissing (between her and Four).
I mean, really, isn't that what everyone's high school experience was like?  For me, just throw in a baby and poof- that is my life.  LOL.
Anyway, it is a great YA book (read it if you haven't), i can't wait to see the movie, and per, you can take a quiz to see what faction you belong to.  Apparently i should be in Abnegation.....because of my selfless nature....haha....but my short temper today has convinced me that i should be Dauntless....because although i might not be brave all the time, i would like to punch people and throw elbows every once in a while.  :)

NCAA Tournament
My bracket is busted.......thanks Duke.
Enough said.

When am i not obsessed with food, eating out, and yummy drinks????
And yes, i still like my diet mt dew and rice cakes and sour patch kids....and yes, i don't cook as much even though my schedule isn't as busy (doesn't make sense).......anyway, back to food.  This is what i have been cooking.
Cilantro lime shrimp......

Sweet chili asian meatballs.....

Spaghetti squash...i just eat it with Parmesan cheese.  Plain.  Simple. Glorious.

Sriracha Bloody Mary (O.M.G.)

Well, that is it from me.  I'm already chapters into the 2nd book in the Divergent series (Insurgent).  But i gotta wait one year until THAT movie comes out!  Ugh!

xox.  happy monday everyone!

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