Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Why didn't you write a blog for my birthday?"

That was the question Taylor asked me when she noticed that while i posted on FB a picture of her for her 17th birthday, i didn't write a whole blog dedicated to her, her life, her big day.

Well here it is.  A blog for Taylor Lynn Dahl's 17th birthday.  In Pictures.

Oh wow- look what i found y'all.....don't kill me for digging up the oldies but goodies!

                     Minutes old                                    Hi Drea, ME, and Rebekah!

Grandpa Dan, Debbie, and Grandma Patty

Uncle Paul                           and                             Auntie Leslie

                                                        Dan, Sara, and Emily Pribus

Hello Liz and Allison.   :)

Josie Sheatsley

Here are some more oldies but goodies.  :)

6  months old

 3 years old


With me when i had "Match Day" during 4th year Medical School.

 Medical School graduation present- Atlantis!

 Christmas 2009

Summer 2012

 16th b-day, Nov 6, 2012

Dahl family -2013 Summer

17th birthday!

Thanks for the little trip down memory lane.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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