Wednesday, August 28, 2013

what have YOU been up to?

Oh why hello my dear friends!  Can i still call you my friends?  I am sorry i have been MIA, not responding to texts, emails, and FB messages....but man oh man, life has been busy.

Today is day #10 of me being an attending.  A real live doctor in charge of her own patients (think McDreamy without the brain surgery....and the boy parts...and obviously not hooking up with interns bc there aren't any here!)  It is a whole new ballgame folks- i round on patients on the medicine floor and in the ICU, discharge them, admit more of them, and then do procedures (a few).  Then dictate notes, discharge summaries, admission summaries, and THEN bill for everything.  Ummmm....where are my med students and residents to help????  Sometimes i wish i was back at MUSC because you can delegate and divide and conquer.  But not here.  It is little old me, all by myself.  But i am learning.....slowly....and liking it so far.  Maybe just not the drive.

Ok, let's move on to other random things

1) Miley Cyrus
You know it wouldn't be like me to not talk about her antics at the VMAs.  I was casually watching the show and then Miley in her skimpy outfit and hair horns showed up.  And i yelled at Taylor to come watch the disaster that was unfolding.  She was dancing provocatively with teddy bears and removed more clothes and then grinded on Robin Thicke (*sigh*).  Was this leud act inappropriate? Was this a "desperate stab at adulthood?"
While i am not a big fan of what she did and find her body very similar to a raw pale chicken, Miley is really just upholding a 30 year VMA tradition.  Shock and awe.  Madonna rolled around the stage and grinded on herself in 1984.  Howard Stern was "fartman" in 1992, with a costume including 2 very large hairy balls.   In 1999 Lil Kim had her breast fondled by Diana Ross.  Who can forget the 2003 kiss(es) between Britney Spears, Christina Agulera and Madonna.  Kayne interrupting T Swizzle in 2009 when she won best female video.  And Gaga- in 2010 wore a MEAT dress and in 2011 dressed in drag.
Let's face it.  Miley isn't "Hannah Montana" anymore.  She is growing up.  And while critics and twitter fans alike are uncomfortable with her behavior, Miley is telling us that she is simply being herself.  And while being herself might offend people, she is going to laugh all the way to the bank.  Did you know that her twerk-alishous performance on Sunday night had more tweets per minute than the Super Bowl Blackout???  I was one of the ones tweeting.
But hey America- get over it.  Time to move on to other national/international issues.  Like the 50th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.  Or Syria.  Or the break up of Catherine Zeda Jones and Michael Douglas.

2)  I WANT to cut my hair like THIS.


3)  32 extremely upsetting things about the class of 2017

Did you know that the kids starting 9th grade are exactly as old as these movies??? (age:15) 
They are the same age as all these movies:

Come on!  I love love love Cruel Intentions, 10 things I hate about you and Varsity Blues.  They all bring back wonderful Duke memories......the best friends ever, frozen mud slides, Acapella concerts, and just pure fun.  I love Buzzfeed and how old it makes me feel.  " So when I was your age…..."

4) iPhone pictures-
I don't have any good pictures for y'all .  Haven't been cooking, socializing, or even spending time with dogs/family (shocker).  Starting up a job is hard but it is gonna get better.  Work one week.  Off one week.  I'm just waiting for that week off!!!

5) Happy Birthday (tomorrow, August 29th) to my father!!!

Well, that is it for me tonight.  Hope everyone is doing well!  xoxo

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