Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Study...or clean....or straighten....or study....or write a blog. AHHHH!

ADHD you are killing me.  I have 15 million things to do and on top of that i need to study...and on top of that i want to write a blog.  For real?

Here is an update of my life:

Paul (my brother)- graduated from Dental School last weekend.

Then Tiberius got sick and we spent the weekend at the Emergency Vet
Friday he started drooling a lot and threw up.  He was febrile to 104.  Our regular vet took x-rays and said it  looked "strange" and sent us to the Emergency Vet.  Where they initially thought he had pancreatitis....but then got an ultrasound (and a bad shave job) and it appears my poor, intact bloodhound, has an abscess of his prostate.  And was promptly placed in the ICU for 24 hours, given fluids and antibiotics.

The cure?  Neutering.  I am NOT excited about that one.  I don't think he is either!!!!

Then we went back to the Emergency Vet again yesterday.  For this little one.
This time our German Shepherd Leia caught a bird and was using it as a chew toy.  Poor bird had a broken wing.  Back to the Emergency Vet.....we are becoming regulars there!
She (or he) is fine by the way.  The Emergency Vet clinic took her and is mending her broken wing.  And through this ordeal, Taylor decided she wanted to be a Vet....and asked if her grades in 10th grade counted if her 11th and 12th grade scores were better.  I was also told last night by Liz that Missouri has a great vet

And last but not least, the house is officially on the market!!

That's it for now- thanks for gotta go do something......

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