Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's been a while....

Yes, i am alive.  Yes, i still have stuff to say but haven't.....but of course i still think it....in my brain.....where you can't hear it.....and oh boy!  I have a lot on my mind....but have been keeping it to myself.  Sorry.  :)

My last post was March 30th (the one with the creepy bunnies that even terrified me).  It is April 30th and i haven't even thought about writing a blog.  Or had time to.
Ok, both of those two things are lies.  But when i sat down at my computer over the past month, it was to do other things (emails, bills, work, eBay searches).  And i was kinda busy with work, job searching, painting the house and getting ready for it to sell, having family stay with us, celebrating Ava's 2nd birthday and THEN having another neice born, and taking an unexpected trip.  So....... yeah, busy with life.  And since i have been told that i am "too personal" and am an "over-sharrer," i won't go into specific details of the past month....just generalizations....in the form of pictures.

Ava's Birthday- I CANNOT believe she is 2!

I feel like it was yesterday that this picture was taken

And now......soooo big!  :)

Eating my PB&J "sushi" rolls


                                                      Auntie "Wawa" gets some too!

And thank goodness Ava's birthday celebration and actual birthday wasn't spoiled by the arrival of this little bundle.  I have to give props to Erika for being such a trooper and quickly and effortlessly delivering this cutie.
My 2nd neice- Mya Cameron Lambert, born April 15, 2013

And here is my brother Paul, his wife Erika, Ava (my fav), and Mya.  Such a cute family!  <3

Yes, our house has been a hotel (but even better....and i love it!!!) for some of Brett's family.  Oh- and Drea was going to come and spend the weekend with me but....plans change.  And again, i am saying in internet world, that i am sorry and love you, and we will have to try again. <3

Tiberius and his new BFF, Bruce
 Yep, totally replaced.  Tiberius will only sleep with Bruce now.
 Until Liz came.....and Ti loved her just as much!


This picture is for Taylor.  You are welcome.

AND I must be under a rock, but how did it take me this long to find out about MAC lipglass- in the color Nymph.

Ok, now this video is 10 minutes but it goes by fast and is great!
What were YOU doing in 1999???

 Alright my favorite acabitches (yes, i am watching Pitch Perfect again)- hope y'all have a fabulous night and have enjoyed my post (that i am sure you have been waiting for with baited breath!!!)


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