Monday, February 11, 2013


.....a bit under the weather.  Maybe it was my busy weekend.  Or sick family.  Or the weather.  Come on weather- decide- hot or cold.  Wet or dry.  I guess i should be happy that it isn't snowing.
Nevertheless, i feel slightly feverish and have a headache.....but not feeling too bad  that i can't enjoy a glass of wine.  :)

With that said, i must share some pictures that make me happy.

Remember how much over the top in love i am with my niece, Ava.  This precocious 22 month old darling has me (and everyone else) wrapped around her finger.  I cannot wait to take her shopping for clothes.  And have sleepovers when her parents need a date night.  And talk to her about boys, and love and life, etc. And introduce her to alcohol...hehe.
Well, i got the chance to babysit this past weekend and "Auntie Lara" had so much fun!  :)

Isn't she so beautiful???

Although she hates hair bows.

And then i told her to say "cheese" and this is what she does.
My heart just melts.

And of course i have to video us....because i love my iphone and she is just too cute.

Hope this is a good pick-me-up for you all on a dreary Monday evening. 
Only 4 more days til the weekend. 
10 days til Boston! 
And 16 days til Independence Day!!!
By the way, yes, i like countdowns

I'm going to snuggle with Tiberius, watch Pitch Perfect, do some reading for work (although i have some new magazines that i would like to look at) and enjoy my wine.  Hopefully one of these things will make me feel better.  Happy Monday!

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